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At everything BPO, we are committed to optimising business efficiency in all sectors across multiple verticals. Our expertise in outsourced projects helps to focus on balancing the Interests of business and the community through responsible outsourcing. We have a wealth of experience in providing specialised training in health and safety, anti-hijacking and defensive driving, and customer service. Acknowledging the highly pressurised current business environment, we prioritise staff
well-being through tailored anxiety and stress management courses. By fostering a supportive and resilient workforce, we help businesses with employee retention and positive work culture. Furthermore, Everything BPO distinguishes itself as a market leader in outsourced projects
which include clinic services, cleaning services and leadership grooming services.

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We thrive to be the second BPO provider in Cape Town by 2030

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Health and Safety Management

Expert consultancy and training services
Help organisations implement best practices and comply with regulations
Ensuring a health and safe working environment

Skills Development and Training

Skills development training
Industry tailored training
Expert led training

BPO Training and Project Management

Expert led training programs
Customer Service Training
Project management methodology

Research and Consultant Services

Market analysis trends
Process optimisation and efficiency
Client relationship management

Employee Wellness Management

Comprehensive wellness programmes
Training and skill development
Flexible work arrangements

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